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  • Image of Custom Embroidery on Coolers & Quarter Sheets
  • Image of Custom Embroidery on Coolers & Quarter Sheets

Custom Embroidery on Coolers & Quarter Sheets


If you have a logo or design you would like embroidered on any item--a cooler, quarter sheet, exercise sheet, or blanket--Pierre Renard can make it happen.

Supply us your logo or design in a JPG format, and we will have it custom digitized for embroidery for a fee ranging from $25 for a simple, small design, to just around $100 for a more elaborate, large design like the Pierre Renard logo you see on the sheet in this photo. If you are ordering a number of custom items for your clients, we can spread this cost amongst the items being embroidered.

Once your artwork is in an embroidery format (the most popular is DST), we can embroider that design on virtually any item. Prices are based on the number of stiches in the design.

Typically, high quality work, using premium materials ranges from $1.50 to $2.00 per 1000 stiches. So, for example, a very elaborate logo such as the Pierre Renard piece in the photo, contains around 80,000 stitches and would cost around $120. A smaller and more simple design, such as embroidery on a saddle pad, should range from $10 to $25.

If you plan to design a logo for your farm or business, and use it for embroidered items, call or email us for some pointers on how you can create an easily embroiderable design!